The King Of YouTube Edits — A Look Into Justin Odisho’s Life

Discussing editing software with such a well-known and respected YouTube filmmaker would easily be the most pivotal point in any aspiring editor’s life, as you’re looking at the very person who got you through hours of constant tutorials, dozens of “how the hell do I make that” moments, and more. So, as you could imagine, sitting in front of my laptop which showed Justin Odisho’s face came as quite the shock to my aspiring-editor self.

Justin has been at the forefront of YouTube since his channel’s inception in 2012. With his first published video, Pop Art Stamp Effectwhich to date has racked more than 40,000 views, he’s gained more than 660,000 followers total, all who demand some of his most popular uploads such as How To Create Reactive Audio Spectrum Waveform Effects In Adobe After Effects (700k+ views) and How To Create Text Effects In Adobe After Effects (900k+ views). He’s known for his honest reviews of popular music videos, how-to videos on seemingly-impossible industry-level editing work, and editing tutorials for the everyday creator to turn scratch-your-head type work into seamless and effortless keystrokes on your laptop.

Justin touched upon his most recent successes, including his podcast, which has completed a total of 17 full episodes. The podcast covers topics brought up by himself and other hit creators, from building up your personal brand into a mini-empire, becoming a major artist’s personal photographer, and biting the bullet to work as a creative full time.

When discussing his profession and what makes him so successful on YouTube, he touched upon his wild ability to analyze someone’s work and dive right into the craft. He’s put hours on end into one particular project to nail it, and will attempt at decoding nearly anything for the sake of making a video on how to achieve it.

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